Recreation Area

Public and private areas used for events, bird and Monkey watching, bike riding, yoga, team building, meetings or camping.

Cottage Accommodation

These wonderfully unique wooden designed cottages are enclosed, surrounded with trees and green exotic gardens.


Selectively planted trees, shrubs and flowers make Nyungu Yamawe an inspiring destination for nature lovers and eco tourists alike.

Bar & Café

Our Bar & Café has a traditional ambience with an extensive assortment of cosmopolitan dishes ranging from exclusively local and International cuisine.

Forest Jungle

Nyungun Yamawe is covered with a dense man made forest with 3 routes within the forest that cover 3 kilometers.

Forest Amphitheater

Open-air Nyunu Yamawe amphitheater is built amidst the tree and a manmade lake with a seating capacity of 1500 people.

Yoga Space

Nyungu Yamawe provides space, forest & manmade lake view and wallet-friendly yoga classes so you can break a sweat.